April Standings

The Acton Rangers opened the season with the first gymkhana of the year on Sunday, April 3rd. 64 riders opened up the season. It was great to see our returning riders as well as the many new riders. Entry fees for the 2022 Acton Ranges’ Gymkhana are $6.00 per rider per class, however, novice competitors (12 and under) are only $3.00 per rider per class.

The horses were ready to go this month, and as was evident by some the horses, they were excited to be back in the competition at the Vincent Hill Arena. By the looks of the results, we are going to have another year of exciting competition in many of the divisions this year. If you missed the first gymkhana, you will not want to miss the next one, as everyone has a chance to win a saddle or buckle.

We are expecting a sunny day for our May 1st Gymkhana, as we have 6 more gymkhanas’ this season, and it is early enough for everyone to have a chance for the saddles and buckles.  As a reminder, our gymkhanas are on the 1st Sunday of the month from March to October, and the awards ceremony will be held on Sunday, November 6th at the Acton Community Center. 

Don’t forget that the Acton Community Center will be hosting their annual Duckie Drop during our May Gymkhana.  Limited tickets will be available at the May Gymkhana.  Don’t miss your chance to have the winning duck!

All us Rangers look forward to seeing you at our next Gymkhana on Sunday, May 1st, at the Vincent Hill Arena.

Remember, Ride hard, shoot straight, and always tell the truth!!